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As 2023 winds down, I will be reducing my massage hours and focusing mainly on birth work from 2024 on. If you are looking for prenatal or postpartum in office massage please email me at to see if I can schedule you in. For other new and returning clients, I have a list of amazing massage therapist referrals on the referrals page of this site. If you have an urgent need or inquiry still feel free to reach out, but know my schedule will be very limited.


Park Place Massage was founded by Rebecca Wender, LMT in 2009 to provide the highest quality therapeutic massage for each individual based on their personal needs. While the original location on Park Place no longer exists, the ethos remains unchanged.

Western and Eastern forms of bodywork are combined to maximize benefits for the whole self. Clients have seen dramatic results in injury healing and prevention, stress reduction, postural realignment, and overall mental and physical health. I am one of the first massage therapists on the lists of many dancers and athletes and am equally thrilled to work with all ages and people with varying degrees of body awareness and knowledge.

The practice welcomes all bodies, races, genders, and abilities. 


*please note there is a 24 hour cancellation policy for all appointments*

Therapeutic Massage
Doula Services; Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage

My unique and effective approach draws from deep tissue, swedish massage, myofascial release, and acupressure. Sessions are tailored to your specific areas of focus and preferred pressure levels.

I have extensive experience and great passion for prenatal massage, and am now available as a pregnancy/birth doula! Prenatal massages blend a relaxing, nurturing approach with focused work on areas of concern and specialized techniques for pregnant bodies. My doula work is available for all aspects of the pregnancy journey and for all pregnant and birthing people.

I also offer postpartum massage, which is available to those who have given birth or have had pregnancy loss or termination.


Coming from a form of Zen Shiatsu, these sessions use direct pressure on the body's meridians to harmonize the elements, release tension and pain, and balance the internal and external body.



15 West 26 St., 10th Floor

New York, NY  10010

Tel: 917 - 224 - 9889

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