As a doula I support birthing people of all genders, races, backgrounds, sexualities, ages, and family structures. I am trained as a Full Spectrum Doula through Ancient Song Doula Services, and work currently as a brith doula. I also offfer abortion and miscarriage support both through my doula and massage practices.

As the core of my doula work is my deep belief that every person has and deserves agency over their bodies and their families. As your doula I meet with you at least twice, and often many more times informally, prenatally to gain an understanding of your brith preferences and health/care history, help frame and guide you through terminology and choices that often arise during your birth so you are informed and prepared, and review what you've learned in your childbirth preparation and postpartum preparation as you approach the final stretch of your pregnancy. I am with you through the birth and visit at least once after you are settled back in at home with your newborn(s).

For more information, and to schedule time to talk or an interview, please email me here.