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Keeping Body Perspective and Positivity

We're all stuck at home -- for the greater good of course -- and I imagine we are all feeling confused/stuck/frought/worried/etc. about how we relate to and care for our physical bodies in this time. What I can tell you, that applies universally, is pretty basic: lead with love, lead with patience, lead with gratitude.

I started writing a long post going into detail about my own relationship to movement and my body and how that is shifting/challenging me right now, but I think I'm going to keep my first post on this topic broad, direct, and relatively short.

Love your body the best you can. Love it for keeping you alive. Love it for moving through sickness and fighting. Love it for it's resilience and it's weak spots. Protect yourself where you feel vulnerable and protect others, even if only energetically, with your strength. If you gain weight, love it for adding to your resiliency. Nurture yourself. There is no need to force your body into any box, to try to be someone else. You are absolutely wonderful as you are.

Showing respect for those of us who may be sick, for those of us without income and without any savings or safety net, let's all live in the deepest level of gratitude we can find. And it's ok to be angry, frustrated, sad, lonely, and really any other feeling under that sun. Loving and feeling gratitude does not negate any other feelings.

And a note that if you have a past or present struggle with disordered eating, over exercising, or body image, know that you are loved and you are not alone. Reach out to the people who support and sustain you. It's not an easy time for anyone and your concerns are not less than the concerns of others.

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