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Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Hello! Working on my next video for you all, but in the meantime I want to share a few resources that I think are excellent and helpful during this time. I'll keep updating this list as I come across new links and sites, and I'll republish whenever I update.

1) Citrine Pilates & Wellness:

Founded and run by Hilary Clark, Citrine is one of my favorite and most frequently recommended hubs for excellent, knowledgeable, conscientious fitness and wellness instruction. They have started online classes and private sessions. Excellent for all levels of experience and all bodies/injuries/fitness levels.

2) Outer Reach Stretch Studio

Founded by the incredibly knowledgeable Toni Melaas, Outer Reach sessions developed from her one-of-a-kind approach to individualized stretch-based workouts that will also strengthen and tone. They are offering individual and small group classes remotely for the duration of the shutdown.

One of my favorite studios, Now Yoga teaches "alignment-based vinyasa, rooted in buddhist philosophy; taught with authenticity, humility, and compassion." They are offering all classes by donation via paypal payment and zoom link to make excellent yoga instruction available to all. Some of their back-in-the-day Om colleagues, and some of my favorite teachers, are also joining the schedule for these remote classes. I'm hoping to convince my kids to leave me alone on Tuesday for Margi's class, personally!

4) Babies Project

How could I not include my home sweet home? Amy and Sarah are offering online sessions for babies and caregivers and are even offering a 50% discount for March, and more offers may follow. This is the perfect time to practice their values of witnessing, being in relationship, and supporting process. And an amazing time to cultivate deeper relationship and movement explorations with your babies and toddlers.

5)Tess Dworman (meditation classes)

Tess is offering online donation-based/free meditation sessions and already offers one-on-one meditation teaching. Contact her through her website to get on her list or set up a session.

6) Adele Loux-Turner (pre and postnatal yoga)

Adele offers many fabulous classes and services, but I'll just specifically shout out her excellent pre and postnatal yoga instruction for my clients in need of just that. They're being offered via Usha Veda (link on her website.) Everything else she does is wonderful too!

An oldie but a goodie, if you are working/childcaring a ton, and it is so hard to get any time for yourself and your body, this workout is a great go to. I've been going back to this for the past week with Violet as my coach. Important: If you are working with a knee injury, if you don't feel confident in your knowledge of the correct way to do these exercises, if you have diastasis recti, and/or if you have any major injury that means something new and unguided would be risky, don't bother with this, it's not that deep! If you feel comfortable with all but a couple of the exercises, be selective. Rest or insert your favorite things when something comes up that isn't your jam. If you've done this before and like it, jump right in!

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