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I am a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist and California Certified Acupressure Practitioner. After becoming an acupressure practioner in 2005, I began a San Francisco-based private practice. Upon returning to New York I entered into a two year intensive education program with the goal of expanding my own style and knowledge base and obtaining my New York massage license. I graduated from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2009, and have been practicing privately in New York City since that time. I became a certified Full Spectrum Doula through Ancient Song Doula Services in January 2021 and currently offer birth, miscarriage, and abortion support.

I believe in providing personalized care that is specifically catered to the needs, physical capabilities, and injury issues of each client. I combine circulatory, deep tissue, myofasical, and eastern massage techniques into my own unique style that can be customized for various preferences of pressure and modalities. I also provide Shiatsu, Pre-Natal, Reflexology, and Tui Na massage. Keeping your body healthy with regular massage sessions is a major element of both preventative care and recovery. Because I am devoted to caring for my clients, I will always refer you to other medical and bodywork practitioners whenever I think it is necessary or beneficial and I am always available for questions from my clients both during and outside of scheduled appointments.

Born and raised in Baltimore, MD, I attended Columbia University, graduating with a degree in Dance and African American Studies. As a dancer I have performed with a wide array of artists including choreographer/director Martha Clarke, filmmaker John Turturro, luciana achugar, Juliana May, Antonio Ramos, and RoseAnne Spradlin. 

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