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Feeling our edges

In trying not to touch each other and be touched we find ourselves living in the muscle layer of our bodies. Constantly tightening, making ourselves smaller, making ourselves more dense and maybe feeling less penetrable. Making sure not to breathe too deeply, not to let the outside into our organs. When we can feel our full body -- sensation in our organs and in our extremities, our skin, our pores, -- we can let the anxiety leave us. Dissipate into a feeling of more ease in our breath, more calm in our hearts.

In this moment of having time, try to find a few minutes every day to sit and let your breath go as deep and long as is comfortable. Feel the deep insides of your body—your lungs, your stomach, your kidneys, etc. Let your pelvic floor expand and contract. Then take time to feel the outermost layers of yourself. Stretch your arms and fingertips as wide and extended as you possibly can. Open your chest. Rock your rib cage side to side and let your head gently swirl. Let your legs stretch long in any and every direction. Do whatever feels right for releasing the outside of your physical self.

Now let it all integrate. Take a walk around the room and see clearly, feel deeply, don’t hold tight. Feel like you can occupy all of the space you want and need.

We are all still complete. We are all still our whole selves. Breath and life and ease are still here to support us.

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